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At TPx we have a wide array of projects ongoing all of the time. Our Active Projects page lists our ongoing case work and gives a brief update for our clients. Check back frequently to find out if your project […]

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Our Practice

Town Planning Expert has grown from a small consultancy to a respected and trusted practice in the space of just four years. We have built this firm and our well deserved reputation on pragmatic commercially focused advice that sets us […]

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Your Experts

Our power team is your power team! Our core team of Chartered Town Planners, planning Assistants and other professionals brings an amazing array of experience to your power team. Our 40+ years of experience means that we have seen the […]

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We regularly publish some fantastic content just for our Expert Members. Membership is FREE! yes its really FREE!

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Latest Blog

1960’s Planning Conditions- Groovy Man

Just had an interesting one across my desk.
The Council alledge that a condition from a 1960’s planning permission removes permitted development rights. Groovy Man!

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The Man Who New Best

The moral of the story is to take advice before submitting an application you may not require.

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Brighton goes HMO Heavy

Brighton goes HMO Heavy – A Brighton landlord has been told to stop letting a family home to students – the fourth since new rules over shared houses in the city were introduced.
St Mary Magdalene Street

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Primary Use – the Bedtime Story Version

The primary planning use is always the last known lawful use of the building (unless abandoned and you really don’t want to go there!) Only one of the three triggers above can alter the primary use. There is no other mechanism by which you may claim an alternative use class for a property.

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What is ‘Permitted Development’ anyway?

There is always some confusion in Planning Practice what ‘Permitted Development’ is. To the lay person development that you do not need to get a planning permission for. To the experienced practitioner it is a bit more than that. However, even to Senior Planning Officers it can be a bit…confusing.

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