New Planning Fee’s in England

From the 6th December 2023 the Planning Fee’s in England will be updated and increased.

All existing fees payable to local planning authorities under the 2012 Fees Regulations are increased in respect of applications made, or deemed to be made, on or after these Regulations coming into force.

Fees to be paid in respect of applications, deemed applications, requests or site visits relating to major development are increased by 35%. All other existing fees are increased by 25%.

A new provision is added to the 2012 Fees Regulations so that, from 1st April 2025, all fees under those Regulations can be increased annually (new regulation 18A). The amount of any increase will be in line with inflation, or if lower, 10%.

Further amendments are made to the 2012 Fees Regulations to remove the exemptions from fees for repeat applications and to introduce a fee for an application under Part 19 of Schedule 2 to the Town and Country Planning (General Development) (England) Order 2015. In addition, provision is made so that where the statutory determination period for a planning application is 8 weeks, a refund of any fee paid may be obtained, under regulation 9A, if the application is not determined within 16 weeks and an extension of time has not been agreed with the applicant

The headline fee’s for applications submitted on or after the 6th December will be as follows:

£120 for Discharge of Planning Conditions

£293 for Certificates of Proposed Use or Development

£578 for each dwellinghouse or for a material change if use (below 10 units)

Between 10 but no more than 50 dwellinghouses – £624 for each dwellinghouse.

No ‘special fee treatment for applications for prior approval under the General Permitted Development Order 2015.

The regulations are set out in full within SI 2023 No. 1197 The Town and Country Planning (Fees for Applications, Deemed Applications, Requests and Site Visits) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2023