Streetscene is not the test – Part 20 APPEAL ALLOWED

TPX are pleased to announce that the Inspectorate had today allowed our appeal and granted prior approval under Part 20 of the GPDO for the addition of floors at Pippins Court, 40 Waterside, Evesham, WR11 1BU.

In their decision the Inspector criticised the approach the Planning Committee took towards the key test of design over impact to street scene stating:

  1. The proposal would replicate the existing floors to enlarge the two blocks.
    Thus, elevationally the appearance would only significantly change by its
    enlargement of the same.
  2. I note the Council’s references to paragraphs 124, 127 and 130 of the
    Framework and I understand the concern that the increased height of the
    proposed building may appear incongruous in the street scene, but the
    permitted development right is expressly intended to allow a building to be
    extended by up to 2 storeys. While this may result in a seemingly tall building
    but that is an inevitable consequence of the permitted development right.
    Acceptance of such height is implicit in the introduction of the permitted
    development right, which supports the Government’s objective of significantly
    boosting the supply of homes. A difference of up to 2 storeys from the
    prevailing height has therefore to be interpreted as not inconsistent with the
    area for the purposes of this prior approval.

Appeal Ref: APP/H1840/W/21/3266807
Pippins Court, 40 Waterside, Evesham, WR11 1BU

A full copy of the decision is attached below and our congratulations go to the applicants Property V Development and the architect Ben James.