LPOC Reception – House of Commons 

TPX attending the LPOC Reception!

It was a pleasure for two team members to attend the LPOC Reception at the House of Commons, Westminster on 24th April. This event included people such as Craig Mackinlay MP at the House of Commons, Rachel Maclean (Minister for Housing), and Lord Parkinson (Heritage Minister) who discussed the challenges of obtaining approval for renovation or restoration work and improving energy efficiency.

They agreed on the need for simplified planning rules and initiatives to balance preservation with energy efficiency. Lord Parkinson reassured attendees that owners’ interests were being addressed across all government departments.

Between 2007 and 2022 the number of full-time Conservation Officers fell from 1,224 to 526

Craig also recognised the lack of specialist contractors and the high material costs associated with maintaining and improving a listed property, particularly the challenges this will present as the government encourages owners of all homes to improve energy efficiency.

Rachel discussed new initiatives aimed at helping owners and tenants of listed properties, including a consultation on how to make it easier for businesses to operate out of listed buildings.

Both Tanya and Simon from TPX attended this event and asked the following:

“What is being done about the lack of planners and conservation officers. Also, She said about conservation officers being so unflexible and not seeing the bigger picture of listed buildings’ custodians.”


“What are the plans to address how EPC’s are assessed given the results are disproportionally skewed to the cost of energy unit to the user rather than device energy efficiency and more carbon-friendly sources. The problem is even more acute for those who own listed buildings.”

simon asked