Our Why and Our Core Strategy

Our Why?

What does that mean? When Keith Oliver and Jon McDermott set up TPX way back in 2012 it was based on a simple set of statements. Our Why! So we thought we would share them with you.

Because the Planning System should work for us!

By us, we mean everyone however the system has become so entrenched in personality, grey areas and ambiguity that it is barely fit for purpose and whilst the NPPF has attempted to make it better the reality is that the planning system we have today needs a dramatic overhaul.

Because it’s about our clients, not us!

Our clients come first and so do their best interests. That means we will never be afraid not to take a case, never be afraid to say no! It also means that we will never sell an education product or service to the wrong person at the wrong time. It’s about your goals, not ours.

Because development can do better!

Development can and must do a better job. Knocking down an old building just because it is in the way is unethical. Ramming too many poor-quality flats in a building is wrong. Through our developments, we will do this right!


Core Strategy by Jonathan McDermott