High Street Pressure

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It seems like every day we hear of another High Street Chain filing for administration or bankruptcy. In 2018 (more than ever) the high street is under threat. Our shopping habits have changed so drastically in the past 10 years that the retailers are not able to maintain pace with the technology that seeks to […]

The Starting Position

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Understanding the Starting Position is vital whenever setting up a planning game. It is the placing of the chess pieces on the board right at the start of our chess game and the order in which they can be played. When determining whether a material change of use of land or buildings has taken place, […]

The Players in the Game

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When talking to business leaders, which strangely I do…a lot, one of the questions I ask them is ‘do you know with certainty where you exist within your own business’. It is a point of fact that many Small and Medium Scale Business Owners don’t actually understand their own role. They are a Polymath, a […]