The Effect of Class E

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The new Regulations introduced on September 1st includes three new use classes (E, F1 and F2).  The most significant change is the creation of “Class E”. This brackets together a wide variety of uses, all of which are now considered to be in the same use class: Retail Restaurants Financial, professional or other commercial services […]

Three Strikes

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Q: I guess as planning for a new dwelling was rejected twice and has had an appeal refused, then this is a big no, no. A: In general two planning refusal’s and an appeal dismissed is a dead duck unless you can modify the scheme in such a way as to avoid all of the […]

Infill between houses

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Q: I’m considering this infill lot to help my daughter get on the property ladder. Looks simple enough…but of course I know planning isn’t always that simple. A: The first principle with infill is to ensure that there are no windows to the adjoining houses that could block the construction of a property and no […]