Loss of a retail warehouse

Q: Can I please have your thoughts on the development potential of the attached site?  Its leased out until 2030 but we are very much looking at it as investment with a view to develop it in the future.  I will appreciate your thoughts on:
1: Can we develop this site in the future? 2: What can we get on the site? 3: What will be the possible issues/constraints? 4: Any other observations?

A: The site in question is a substantial retail warehouse within a part single/part two storey building. It is within an area characterized by two storey residential development. The site itself does not appear to be part of a retail parade and would be considered ‘out-of-centre’ retail development under the NPPF. Furthermore there are examples of part 2/part 3 storey buildings that have been built in the surrounding area. On the face of it the loss of retail is justified by the NPPF standpoints on out of centre retail development albeit the Council may seek to counter this with a loss of employment argument. The adjoining houses have windows which face onto the site and so the effect of these windows should be mitigated. Further car parking will need be provided with a ration of at least 1:1. On the face of it this does appear to be a developable site subject to a decent site appraisal.