There’s no doubt about it….your going to get wet!

Q: This land is unconditional buy. We can negotiate on price. Was never been applied for planning permission. This was use to store coal. So you need to do the due diligence with the council. What’s your thoughts on what could be achieved here?

A: TPX is a Nimbus Maps user and finding out why a site has not been developed can be as simple as turning on one or two of the overlay layers in Nimbus. In this case the site has never been developed because it is within Flood Risk Zone 3 (High Risk). The creation of dwellings or practically anything else would be an increase in the number of persons or properties at risk and as such cannot be supported via the planning system. In addition to this the site is directly adjacent to a Petrol Filling Station which carries with it the risk of both Ground Contamination and Noise/Disturbance. I think combined that’s why its unconditional and why anything more than boat or other open storage would be a no-no.