Redevelopment of a Car Wash

Q: What’s your thoughts on this car wash site below?

Summary :

Currently used as a car wash
Potential for a high density apartment scheme
Apartment block adjacent to the site has recently had planning approved to add an additional 4th floor
Site area 0.37 Acres about 16117 sqft
Located 0.7 Miles from a Railway Station

A: The site is within an area with a mix of heights and so the addition of at least 3 storeys to the site (from single to 4) is sensible. The site itself is not that captious as it is long and narrow and partially sterilized by windows to the flats adjoining overlooking the site at close range. There are also windows to houses to the rear that overlook the site at close range which has an effect on what can be done there. The flats you mention adjoining are not that intensive only providing for three dwellings per floor. In reality the develop-able area is going to be naturally limited as a result.