Kings Lynn confirms Class E

So last night I was settling down after work and my email pinged. Now I’m not one for checking my email’s after work (random noises now ensue from Mrs M) however this one I had to open as it was a decision I had been waiting for!

The changes to the Use Classes Order in September 2020 were well publicised at the time and it was only a matter of months before clients had expressed an interest to use it. Now in the first few weeks of 2021 we have had our first decision confirming that a Shop in Class E may convert to an Office also within Class E and that this does not need any form of planning permission at all as it is not a material change of use.

Whilst this may seem like a Minor case and as such a gimme as far as planning is concerned it demonstrates that the changes to the use classes cannot be resisted by council policy in relation to Town Centre’s, Conservation Areas or any other form of restriction.

Developers 1 – Council’s 0

by Jon McDermott