Some Feedback from #Goa2020

Ben –

After a week away in sunny Goa, i’m back to work with a huge focus and drive to get some more projects underway. I’d like to say a massive thank you to all the team at Town Planning Expert for making the trip truly worthwhile. I’ve come away with a new set of goals and 5 year plan for Benjamin James Architectural Design. Each team member bought a different skillset to hone in on sites and ensure we are considering all paths and correctly evaluating them. Jonathan McDermott showed me how to think outside of the box and pick up on some golden planning nuggets. He’s also shown me that i’m capable of becoming an expert myself and to push for the boundaries on architectural design. I’ll be doing that with the help of Helen Morris Ruffle, another person who I hugely respect for her knowledge and honesty, i’m very much looking forward to being guided by her through the extreme difficult unicorn sites, as well as the day to day sites, Helen’s words are gospel. Emma Morby is a diamond, with a very unique skillset and someone who again can help source some incredible sites, myself and Mike McKeown have come away with some projects that will be worthwhile pursuing. And last but not least, Claire Sheehan for her introduction to Mypda. An awesome program that is accessible online and via App, that helps make site sourcing / project sourcing far more efficient and accurate than manually trolling through adverts. This has allowed us to source 18 smaller projects and also found myself a further unique project, all within days – I’ll be looking forward to sharing this with others and finding more and more sites.
A final thank you to everyone else who attended the week, it wasn’t a holiday but it’s safe to say you all made it a wicked week away – some amazing people who i’m looking forward to seeing progress and hopefully work with in the future.

Neelam –

Reflections on the week whilst in transition in lounge at Delhi airport.

✅Additional skill sets acquired
✅More systems created
✅Site finding options enhanced
✅More choices
✅More connections
✅More tools
✅Goal setting and achievement
✅Having fun

⛔️Realised I beat myself up too much sometimes

✳️Time to press Ctrl-Alt-Del

Also managed to make some purchases and do research on gems. ? ? ♦️

♥️I think I definately deserve this glass of wine ?

? Focus

In Delhi ???