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What is allowed

Class F1 uses were introduced on the 1st September 2020 and are a part amalgamation of uses that previously sat within Classes D1 and D2. example uses include;

  • Any use not including residential use for:
  • the provision of education,
  • the display of works of art (otherwise than for sale or hire),
  • a museum,
  • a public library or
  • public reading room,
  • a public hall or exhibition hall,
  • or in connection with, public worship
  • or religious instruction,
  • a law court
Where can I use it

Class F1 uses are specific to the end user and it is unlikely that most developers will encounter an F1 use.

What is not allowed

A Material Change of Use, that is not subject to a Permitted Development Allowance already in place, to any other use class requires planning permission and may be subject to local policy restrictions.

whilst together with Class F2 you may not change use between F1 and F2 without planning permission.

Permitted Development to Class F1

Subject to restrictions From:

  • Class E,
  • Class C1,
  • Class C2
  • Class C2A,
  • Class F2,
  • Agricultural Buildings (creates a sui-generis F1 use)
Permitted Development from Class F1


How do I use the allowance

No planning permission is required to move from a use within Class F1 to another Class within F1. You may wish to secure a crtificate of lawfulness for that change of use.

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