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Use Class C4

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What is allowed

Use Class C4 covers small HMO’s being occupied by between 3 and 6 unrelated persons. The use class is predicated upon persons resident and not on the number of bedrooms within the building.

Where can I use it

Class C4 is the dominant class for Houses in Multiple Occupation.

What is not allowed

A Material Change of Use, that is not subject to a Permitted Development Allowance already in place, to any other use class requires planning permission and may be subject to local policy restrictions.

The sub-division of a HMO in to more than one HMO is taken as a material change of use needing planning permission under S55(3) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Permitted Development to Class C4

Subject to restrictions From:

  • Class C3
Permitted Development from Class C4

Subject to restrictions to:

  • Class C3
How do I use the allowance

No planning permission is required to move from a use within Class C3 to Class C4 however this is often controlled by Article 4 Directions.

Our Notes

Conversions to and from dwellings within Class C4 may well be subject to further permitted development allowances in August of 2021

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