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Use Class C3

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What is allowed

Use Class C3 is split into three sub-sections which all form part of the same use class. These are:

  • C3(a) covers use by a single person or a family (a couple whether married or not, a person related to one another with members of the family of one of the couple to be treated as members of the family of the other), an employer and certain domestic employees (such as an au pair, nanny, nurse, governess, servant, chauffeur, gardener, secretary and personal assistant), a carer and the person receiving the care and a foster parent and foster child
  • C3(b) covers up to six people living together as a single household and receiving care e.g. supported housing schemes such as those for people with learning disabilities or mental health problems
  • C3(c) allows for groups of people (up to six) living together as a single household. This allows for those groupings that do not fall within the C4 HMO definition, but which fell within the previous C3 use class, to be provided for i.e. a small religious community may fall into this section as could a homeowner who is living with a lodger
Where can I use it

Class C3 is the dominant class for all residential dwellings in England and you may move within Class C3 and any of its sub-classes without planning permission.

What is not allowed

A Material Change of Use, that is not subject to a Permitted Development Allowance already in place, to any other use class requires planning permission and may be subject to local policy restrictions.

The sub-division of a house in to more than one dwelling is taken as a material change of use needing planning permission under S55(3) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

Permitted Development to Class C3

Subject to restrictions From:

  • Class E
  • Hot Food Takeaways
  • Class C4
  • Amusement Arcade
  • Casino
  • Betting Shop
  • Pay Day Loan Shop
  • Hot Food Takeaway
  • Laundrette
  • Agricultural Building
  • Mixed use with retail uses establishments
Permitted Development from Class C3

Subject to restrictions to:

  • Class C4
How do I use the allowance

No planning permission is required to move from a use within Class C3 to another use within Class C3 albeit you may wish to seek a certificate of lawfulness.

Our Notes

Conversions to and from dwellings within Class C3 will be subject to further permitted development allowances in August of 2021

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