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Use Class B2

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What is allowed

Use Class B2 states: Use for industrial process other than one falling within Class E (excluding incineration purposes, chemical treatment or landfill or hazardous waste)

Where can I use it

Class B2 uses are suitable in areas of industrial and commercial activity and are normally appropriate in areas designated for primary and secondary employment.

What is not allowed

A Material Change of Use, that is not subject to a Permitted Development Allowance already in place, to any other use class requires planning permission and may be subject to local policy restrictions.

Permitted Development to Class B2


Permitted Development from Class B2

Subject to restrictions to a use falling within Class B8 or Class E

How do I use the allowance

No planning permission is required to move from a use within Class B2 to another use within Class B2 albeit you may wish to seek a certificate of lawfulness.

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