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What is allowed

Sui-Generis (latin for of its/his/her/their own kind, in a class by itself) describes a number of uses which do not fit within a prescribed use class. These uses include:

  • Theatres,
  • amusement arcades/centres or funfairs,
  • launderettes,
  • fuel stations,
  • hiring, selling and/or displaying motor vehicles,
  • taxi businesses,
  • scrap yards,
  • or a yard for the storage/distribution of minerals and/or the breaking of motor vehicles,
  • ‘Alkali work’ (any work register-able under the Alkali, etc. Works Regulation Act 1906 (as amended)),
  • hostels (providing no significant element of care),
  • waste disposal,
  • installations for the incineration, chemical treatment or landfill of hazardous waste,
  • retail warehouse clubs,
  • nightclubs,
  • casinos,
  • betting offices/shops,
  • pay day loan shops,
  • public houses,
  • wine bars or other drinking establishments,
  • hot food takeaways,
  • cinemas,
  • music and concert halls,
  • bingo and
  • dance halls.
Where can I use it

Sui-generis uses always have specific end users in mind. It is more likely that developers will seek to move away from a sui-generis use that change use into one.

What is not allowed

A Material Change of Use, that is not subject to a Permitted Development Allowance already in place, to any other use class requires planning permission and may be subject to local policy restrictions.

Permitted Development into and opt of Sui-Generis

There are a number of different rights pertaining to specific sui-generis uses. details of which can be found in this knowledge base.

How do I use the allowance

Planning permission is required to change use within the sui-generis bracket from one use to another as they are all unique.

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