Mission Impossible?

The brief was simple – to get planning permission for an extension to restaurant which had already been before the local planning authority for 11 months and was heading nowhere fast.

Two planning agents had been involved up to that point and neither had managed to resolve the matter.

In desperation the owner turned to a local draughtsman who recommended The Town Planning Experts.

A site meeting was hastily called to establish what was required and what we needed to do. This was followed up by discussions with the relevant Council officers.

It was soon clear that the original proposal to extend the car park was holding up the application, and this was not something the owner had any intention of undertaking anytime soon.

It was therefore just a matter of advising the Council planning officer to withdraw the proposals for the car park and let the permission for the extension be issued.

By sitting down with all parties and establishing what was actually required The Town Planning Experts were able, in less than two weeks, to solve a matter which two previous agents had failed to resolve in nearly a year.