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Class B – means of access to a highway

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What is allowed

The formation, laying out and construction of a means of access to a highway which is not a trunk road or a classified road, where that access is required in connection with development permitted by any Class other than Class A (Minor Operations).

Where can I use it

On any land in England

What is not allowed

You cannot use it where the access is to a classified road or trunk toad (with an M, A, B, C or D Number).

How do I use the allowance

This is a normal allowance that is usually carried out for you by the Local Authority. you need to apply to the Local authority for them to come out and drop the kerb for you.

Our Notes

Class B is often erroneously applied for. before making an application check with the highway team at the Council to see whether the road is classified and then apply through Highways.

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