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In brief

The City of Canterbury is a local government district with city status in Kent, England. As well as Canterbury itself, the district extends north to the coastal towns of Whistable and Herne Bay. The district was formed on 1 April 1974 by the merger of the existing city of Canterbury with the Whitstable and Herne Bay Urban Districts, and Bridge-Blean Rural District. The latter district entirely surrounded the city; the urban districts occupied the coastal area to the north.

What to expect

Housing Delivery Test

Presumption authority within the 2021 Housing Delivery Test.

Up-To-Date Local Plan

The Local Plan (adopted in July 2017) sets out plans to develop Canterbury District until 2031. We use it to help make planning decisions for the area.

Customer Service

Customer service at Canterbury is good with officers contactable following chasing.

Decision Making Behaviour

Decision making behaviour is also good and in line with established practice.

Article 4 Directions


Conservation Areas

Nitrate Effected Areas

Yes – Whole district outside of Heane Bay

Last Decision’s

  • 81 Mortimer Street Hearn Bay – Subdivision of 3 flats to form 4 flats.

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