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In brief

Camden London Borough Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Camden in Greater London, England. It is a London borough council, one of 32 in the United Kingdom capital of London. Camden is divided into 18 wards, each electing three councillors.

Following the 2018 election Camden London Borough Council comprised 43 Labour Party councillors, 7 Conservative Party councillors, 3 Liberal Democrat councillors and one for the Green Party. One Labour councilor defected to the Greens in October 2021.

The council was created by the London Government Act 1963 and replaced three local authorities: Hampstead Metropolitan Borough Council, Holborn Metropolitan Borough Council and St Pancras Metropolitan Borough Council.

What to expect

Housing Delivery Test

Buffer authority within the 2021 Housing Delivery Test.

Up-To-Date Local Plan

The Camden Local Plan is the key strategic document in Camden’s development plan.  It sets out the vision for shaping the future of the Borough and contains policies for guiding planning decisions.  

The Local Plan was adopted by Council on 3 July 2017. It has replaced the Core Strategy and Camden Development Policies documents. It is now the basis for planning decisions and future development in Camden.

Customer Service

Customer service at Camden is intermittent with officers contactable following chasing.

Decision Making Behaviour

Decision making behaviour is also good and in line with established practice.

Article 4 Directions

A number of Article 4 Directions apply in Camden. The links below provide information on Directions and Plans relating to the following areas:

Heritage and conservation
Land use
Other development (e.g. basements)

Nitrate Effected Areas


Last Decision’s

  • 104 Mill Lane London NW6 1NF – Installation of new shopfront

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