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Royal Borough of Greenwich

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In brief

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is a London borough in southeast Greater London. The London Borough of Greenwich was formed in 1965 by the London Government Act 1963. The new borough covered the former area of the Metropolitan Borough of Greenwich and part of the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich to the east.


The borough lies along the south bank of the River Thames between Deptford and Thamesmead. It has an area of 5,044 hectares. Because of the bends of the river, its waterfront is as long as 8.5 miles. Travelling south away from the waterfront, the ground rises: Shooters Hill in the east and the high ground of Blackheath in the west bookend the borough, Eltham to the south of these hills falls away slightly.

Greenwich is bounded by the London Boroughs of Bexley to the east, Bromley to the south, Lewisham to the west and across the River Thames to the north lie Tower Hamlets, Newham and Barking and Dagenham.

What to expect

Based on the last decisions received the Royal Borough of Greenwich is considered to be failing in its duty to determine applications in accordance with planning law and practice. Simple principles such as the fall-back position are forgotten and this leads to a frustrating experience where the LPA will seek to refuse first rather than working with applicants in accordance with the NPPF.

Customer service at Greenwich is wholly inconsistent to near non-existent.

Experience of pre-application discussion yeilds a frustratingly poor service which cannot be readily relied upon within the determination of the following application again contrary to the NPPF.

Greenwich previously did not have an article 4 in relation to HMO’s but has introduced one in order to stem the flow of HMO’s within the borough however there is no overt policy to help control applications for new HMO’s.

Last Decision’s

  • 22 HEVERHAM ROAD, PLUMSTEAD, LONDON, SE18 1BT – Construction of a Dormer Window
  • 22 HEVERHAM ROAD, PLUMSTEAD, LONDON, SE18 1BT – Conversion and extension of existing 6 bedroom HMO to 9 bedroom HMO

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