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In brief

The Isle of Wight Council is a unitary authority covering the Isle of Wight near the South coast of England. It is currently made up of 39 seats. Since the 2021 election, there has been an ‘Alliance’ coalition administration of Independents, the Green Party, Island Independent Network, and Our Island councillors, who together with the Liberal Democrat and Vectis Party councillors voted to elect Independent Lora Peacey-Wilcox as leader of the council, with the Labour councillor being absent. The Conservative group is the principal opposition party, and the single councillors from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Vectis Party also sit outside the Alliance group.

On 1 April 1995 the Isle of Wight Council was formed, and became the first unitary authority in England. The new authority took control of district council functions, retaining the county council functions of the previous county council. The predecessor body to the Isle of Wight Council was the Isle of Wight County Council, which dated from January 1890.

What to expect

Housing Delivery Test

Presumption Authority within the 2021 Housing Delivery Test.

Up-To-Date Local Plan

The Island Plan Core Strategy was adopted by the Isle of Wight Council on 21 March 2012.

Customer Service

Customer service at Isle of Wight is relativity good. Case officers are contactable and there is an active pre-application service.

Decision Making Behaviour

Decision making behaviour is inconsistent with established practice. Within the applications we have dealt with there is a level of education that we need to go through with officers on up-to-date decision making practice.

Officers tend to side with statutory consultee’s over and above exercising their own judgement.

Article 4 Directions

In this area there are a number of Article 4 directions focused on the Islands Conservation Areas.

Nitrate Effected Areas

Solent SPA

Last Decision’s

  • 51 St Johns Wood Road, Ryde Isle of Wight, PO33 1HL – Prior approval for alterations of offices to form 4 residential dwellings.
  • Riviera Park (Formerly Known as Westfield Park Holiday Centre), Shore Road, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 1RH – Removal of condition no 3 on P/01111/05 to allow 6 flats (known as flats 10 to 15) within Block B to be used for permanent residential purposes

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