High Quality Advice

As a group our focus is giving the very best advice that accords with planning law, practice and policy. We are pragmatic in our approach giving detailed assessment of the issues in order to ensure that your development is heading down the right path straight away.

We believe firmly that the planning professional is the first professional to discuss a development with. The Architect can design it for you, building regulations will sort out how you build it but the planners can stop you doing what you want to do. Hence our belief that planning professionals are best placed to address planning issues.

TPX Group operates 2 advice levels on a pay and go basis depending on client needs

Full Written Advice

This is a full check of the development against planning policy and principal issues. Taking a scheme back to these first principles is a great way of de-risking a development proposal and anticipating major issues.

As you would anticipate this is a service that attracts a fee. However we believe that the fee we charge (which is based on a flat rate depending on the tier of development) is more than compensated by the savings in time and energy in going down the wrong development pathway.

Telephone Appointments

We will do a sequence of checks on any proposal and offer a binary (yes – proceed or no – don’t) answer on all new casework. Will will carry this out within 1 working day of receiving a new case. The appointment is available on all new cases but will not include any form of detailed analysis.