Class E – financial and professional or betting office or pay day loan shop to shops

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What is allowed

Development consisting of a change of use of a building with a display window at ground floor level from—
a use falling within Class E (financial and professional services), or
a use as a betting office or a pay day loan shop,
to a use falling within Class E (shops) .

Where can I use it

On any building in England without restriction.

What is not allowed

There are no restrictions to this allowance.

How do I use the allowance

This is a normal permitted development allowance which may be used without restriction subject to local article 4 requirements.

Our Notes

On the face of it this allowance has been partially caught out in the amalgamation of Classes A1 and A2 into one class albeit the allowance also provides for other sui-generis uses to go to Class E and may well still prove useful.

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