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Below you will details of our dedicated team of town planners and administrators, a brief biography and their Wealth Dynamics Scores.

We use Wealth Dynamics and Team Dynamics as a tool to build our power team. You can find out more at the Wealth Dynamics webpage

Jonathan McDermott
Principal Town Planner

Jon McDermott is a Chartered Town Planner and Educator in planning and development.

Jon has some 16 year experience in the public and private sector and presently manages up-to 60 planning cases for Town Planning Expert.

Jon specialises in Flood Risk Management and prepares all of the Flood Risk Assessments for TPX.

Jon writes regularly in Your Property Network Magazine, Property Investor News Magazine and presents education for Whitebox Property on their Property Developers Secrets, Property Mastermind and Property Planning Masterclass.

In otherwords Jon is rather busy!

You can see Jon in person on his ‘but im just a planner’ tour – keep an eye on facebook for the latest dates.

and, of course, at Whitebox HQ

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Keith Oliver
Principal Town Planner

Keith has over thirty years of experience in town planning having worked with a number of local authorities before moving into the private sector.

He brings a wide range of planning knowledge having worked at all levels and covering all aspects of planning work.

Having worked in both rural and urban authorities, in both historic towns and modern developments, he provides a pragmatic approach to your developments. He can cut through the red tape to identify what is important to you and identify the best way forward to result in the result you want with the minimum of fuss and delay.

“Honesty is the best policy” he confirms, “it is no use promising to deliver on schemes which have little or no chance. That is just a waste of the client’s money and our time. I would rather the client knows from the start what his or her prospects are and if there is no chance of success to be upfront with them.”

“If we feel there is merit in the scheme we then go all out to secure a permission using our knowledge of the system, and how the local planning authority will deal with the proposals, while offering support and guidance throughout the process”

Helen Morris-Ruffle
Senior Town Planner

Helen Morris-Ruffle is a Chartered Town Planner with in excess of 20 years experience in both the public and private sector.

Helen underrates her experience however she has worked in Development Control and Enforcement for Planning Authorities and National Parks and has also been a consultant before joining TPX. 

This experience is across a wide range of development types and specialises in written representation appeal statements and new build residential developments.

Helen has project management experience and is a new build developer.

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Tim Perkins
Senior Planning Associate

Tim Perkins is a Chartered Town Planner with some 27 years experience in the public and private sector across a range of development types.

Having managed projects across England and Wales Tim has a good knowledge of both planning systems.

Tim currently manages a range of residential planning applications and appeals whether new build, conversions or changes of use.

Renu Prasha Prinja
Senior Associate Planner
Ema Baker

Ema started her career at TPX 5 years ago as a Planning Assistant and is TPX trained from the ground up. Cutting her teeth on small householder schemes Ema has carved out a niche for herself as TPX's HMO and Householder Lead Planner.

Ema is very passionate about her work and strives for the best outcomes currently gaining 6 HMO approvals in one committee planning meeting.

Ema currently manages approx 30 cases at a time mostly specialising in Change of Uses and HMO's as well as Permitted Development and householder Planning Permission works.

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Kirsty Turner
Planning Assistant

Kirsty joined TPX as a planning assistant after doing work experience for Watford Borough Council in the summer recess whilst she was undertaking her degree in Geography at the University of Portsmouth. 

With such dedication to the planning profession we snapped her up before anyone else could!

After graduating with a 1st Class Honours Degree Kirsty is fast becoming a very adept Town Planner and a Householder Planning Specialist. 

Kirsty is well on her way down the RTPI's APC Programme and is about to undertake her Masters Degree at the University of Westminster. All this whilst looking after PEN Portsmouth and managing a caseload of 15.  

Mike Coates-Evans
Planning Assistant (Apprentice)
Tanya McDermott
Office Manager

Tanya McDermott is not a Chartered Town Planner nor do I have any planning knowledge at all, but I am customer services through and through.

12 years in the water industry in account management for Southern Waters Multi Site customers, followed by a stint in a MOD contractor water and wastewater sector.

Then a complete change of role as I went into the kitchen industry, where I learned how to design kitchens and I installed my own kitchen.

Then for a bit of fun I went to work for a condom and sex toy company. I now look after Jon’s manic diary and run the office and be there as support for our amazing team, by doing invoicing, chasing up outstanding invoices, making tea and anything else that is needed.

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Jamie Copeland
Marketing and Social Media Executive