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At TPx we have a wide array of projects ongoing all of the time. Our Active Projects page lists our ongoing case work and gives a brief update for our clients. Check back frequently to find out if your project […]

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Town Planning Expert has grown from a small consultancy to a respected and trusted practice in the space of just four years. We have built this firm and our well deserved reputation on pragmatic commercially focused advice that sets us […]

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Our power team is your power team! Our core team of Chartered Town Planners, planning Assistants and other professionals brings an amazing array of experience to your power team. Our 40+ years of experience means that we have seen the […]

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Southampton vs The HMO

In recent weeks we have been hearing rumour coming from our ‘friends’ at Southampton City Council.

The story followed that the City Council was actively looking to replace all HMO’s within the City with Hall of Residence Places thus squeezing out the HMO market.

If Southampton was trying to say it was not biased things were not looking good.

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Population Explosion?

For England, the population is projected to increase by 9.0 million from 2014 to 2039. England, therefore, accounts for a large part of the overall population increase. This is 0.6 per cent higher than the projection in the previous 2012 Population Projection.

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SPACE – THE Final Frontier – Two Years On and Still Weird

Well the confusion did not end in 2014. The adopted standards which, if i’m honest, are either adopted..or guidance…or ignored by council’s are still vague and poorly implemented. Useful terms such as ‘studio’ have been ignored and any property type that does not conform to the Governments idea of middle England suburbia has no standard at all.

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Mission Impossible?

Planning Mission Impossible….The brief was simple – to get planning permission for an extension to restaurant which had already been before the local planning authority for 11 months and was heading nowhere fast.

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