Land & Planning Workshop

Finding development opportunities can be a struggle for some people. For Lloyd Girardi, co-founder of White Box Property Solutions and Jonathan McDermott of Town Planning Experts, land sourcing comes naturally to them. Their secret? They know what they are looking for.

On the Land Sourcing Workshop, Lloyd and Jon will guide you through the stages to help you find deals. This is not your average content based course. It is a workshop where you will find the opportunities… LIVE!. On this workshop you will be doing the searching along with Lloyd and Jon’s guidance. A structured 3 day course designed to teach you various ways to find land development deals from on the market deals to off-market deals.

Once you have identified potential opportunities the next stage is the planning. The biggest question we get asked is, “how many units could I get on that plot”… So we are here to show you. Following the course you will be able to identify the opportunities and know how to asses the sites in order to sell them on or develop them out.

The aim for the workshop is for you to leave with at least 5 sites to work on and pursue. You will be doing the work during the workshop, enabling you to not only learn the procedures but give you tangible deals to work on.

What’s more, you will understand the planning aspects to land sourcing and will be able to go into all the details required to be able to make a decision on whether to pursue the opportunity or not.

Land opportunities can be lucrative so knowing how to find them and more importantly what the opportunity can be, is invaluable.

This 3 day workshop is like no other.

Day 1 – Land Sourcing

Day 2 – Strategy

Day 3 – Planning

Discovery how to find land opportunities

Planning policy

Desktop and full site appraisal

How to secure development opportunities

How to value land opportunities 

Planning Basics

​Planning History

Planning Strategies

Site Selection and Site Constraints

Live Site Finding

The Planning Application Process

Decision Making

Planning Appeals

​Planning Committees

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When: Friday 5th April – Sunday 7th April

Where: Kettering Park Hotel & Spa ****
Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN15 6XT

To Bring: It is essential to bring a Laptop/Tablet to work from
You will be searching for land development opportunities LIVE so you will need to bring a laptop/tablet or other device in order to get the most out of the day.

*Numbers are capped in order to make the most of the workshop and internet speeds