We teach planning

Every month we teach and mentor property developers and investors in a number of ways:

Jon McDermott is both a mentor and a trainer as part of the Property Developers Secrets programme.

Property Developers Secrets is a combined 3-day course and mentoring programme to teach you the strategy of becoming a property developer. This isn’t a programme about how to build a house, in-fact you don’t even need to know how to build a house. We will teach you how to find Land, Money and more importantly, A Power Team! Everything you need to know on how to become a property developer is on the course.

This programme is provided by Whitebox Property Solutions Please follow the link to book on 

Property planning masterclass

Planning is a major part to property. Not just for property developments but for basic property purchases. Planning is also a part of your residential properties. There are lots of different planning rules out there and they can seem very daunting when looking into it. The power of a planning consultant is underestimated. They can give you so much help and save you so much money by giving you the correct advice. White Box Property Solutions have teamed up with Town Planning Experts to bring you the ‘Property Planning Masterclass’.

This programme is hosted by Whitebox Property Solutions Please follow this link to book on. 

Workshopping Works

We run small workshops in our fantastic new training suite every month!

For 2018 these workshops will be open to all and will follow a set schedule of topics.

Each of the sessions is a full day and strictly limited to places.

One to One

For something even more in depth or bespoke we offer our education one to ones. These are for a minimum of two hours on any planning subject, or subjects you like.

We do public speaking

The Planners at Town Planning Expert are always looking to share their knowledge and experience to a wide audience.

We attend various property networking events across the country and would be happy to see you there.