Our DNA defines everything we do as a company, it is our core values, our focus and our sence checking. For us DNA means Drives, Needs and Aspirations.

Our Drives. D

These are the core value that keep us striving for excellence in everything we are doing. They make up who we are as individual town planners and as a company of people working together to deliver developments across the country.

  • Family: The TPX group is a family of families, each one of use has people we care about that we work hard to provide for. They are the route of who we are and what we do.
  • Quality: We strive for high quality schemes at whatever level we are working.
  • Client Relationship: We are driven by to provide a high quality client lead relationship giving the best experience possible to our existing and future clients.
  • Developments that work: We are not afraid to say no. We want to deliver developments that work now and in the future and work tirelessly to do this.

Our Needs: N

These are what we expect from our clients and the developments we deliver. They make up the basis of our working relationship.

  • Honesty: We will always be honest with our clients and expect honesty in return. We will be fearless in exercising that honesty whenever we are asked our opinion hope that our clients will respect us for that.
  • Integrity: We will say no! We believe in supporting our clients in the most effective way and in so doing will always fearlessly express our professional views.
  • Transparency: We want our clients to know where they stand and what is going on at any time. We agree our fee’s up front. We will always tell you where we are and we want you to always be able to ask us what is going on.

Our Aspirations: A

This is where we see our company going. How can it grown and develop as a consultancy and as a group.

  • We want to be England’s go to planning consultancy. We work hard to provide as much advice to as many people as possible through our networking, education and consultancy channels and we will continue those efforts in order to get to this target.
  • We want to grow into England’s go to planning education provider for property investors. Through tie ins with Progressive Property Network, Property Investors Network, Whitebox Property Solutions and our own Property Planning Masterclass and Property Planning Bootcamp (2019) we have already expanded into property education and we will continue to grow this arm of our business.
  • We want to develop. Through JV partners we are already looking at future developments and we aspire to develop properties within the next 5 years.
  • We Hope you will love working with us.