Property Planning Masterclass

Planning is a major part to property. Not just for property developments but for basic Pictureproperty purchases. Planning is also a part of your residential properties. There are lots of different planning rules out there and they can seem very daunting when looking into it. The power of a planning consultant is underestimated. They can give you so much help and save you so much money by giving you the correct advice.  We have teamed up with White Box Property Solutions to bring you the ‘Property Planning Masterclass’. 

What you will discoverPicture

Planning Basics

​Planning History

Planning Strategies

Site Selection and Site Constraints

Live Site Finding

The Planning Application Process

Decision Making

Planning Appeals

​Planning Committees

“I wasn’t too sure whether to attend the planning masterclass as I felt I’d learnt quite a lot about planning from hearing Jon over the past few months and that I’d be quizzing Jon about any planning queries anyway and using TP Expert to submit any applications.

I’m so pleased I did attend, as I got loads of value from it. Jon has a great way of explaining how you can actually use the planning system to your advantage to maximise profits with real life examples. How to develop without a full application and how to minimise or even avoid S.106 & CIL costs. Some of the content I’d heard before but every time more goes in and there were several ‘Aaha’ moments when I realised how I could apply the strategies in my business!

I guess the key for me is that whilst ‘planning’ puts many people off looking at a property, if you really understand the planning process and how to use it, it actually gives opportunities. It’s amazing the things that you can do without having to even make a planning application!

So, I’d certainly recommend the course to anyone that’s serious about development or planning gain”

Henry A

Where: White Box Training Suite
4 Tower Court
Irchester Road
​NN29 7PJ
Hosts: Jon McDermott BSc MA MRTPI & Helen Morris-Ruffle MA MRTPI